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Privacy Play – Passwords

Creating Strong Passwords

Something only you will knowPasswords are not going away anytime soon. If kids don’t learn...

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Privacy Play – Personal Information & Usernames

Personal information, usernames, display names, passwords, oh my! There is so much to know and remember in the digital...

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The Planet's 2.2 Billion Children Urgently Need Protection

Children are the fastest-growing digital population on earth, with over 25% under age 14. They are using their own...

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Why become a Privacy Patron

As a leading authority in the world of minors’ privacy, PRIVO is dedicated to protecting children and teens online. For...

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One Tiny Step with Profound Implications for Protecting Minors Online

Why It’s Important to Encourage Parents to Enroll in PRIVO PROTECT

By now, most parents of young children, tweens, and...

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Children Today: Datafied from Before Birth

Children today are the first generation to be datafied from before they are even born. The consequences have yet to be...

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