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The Planet's 2.2 Billion Children Urgently Need Protection

Posted by PRIVO PROTECT on Jan 27, 2022

Children are the fastest-growing digital population on earth, with over 25% under age 14. They are using their own devices at an all-time high, playing games, making and streaming videos, texting with friends, logging into their classes, and more. Nearly half of US tweens (ages 8–12) have a smartphone. Over 80% of the world’s children and 92% of US children have an online presence before turning two years old.

With this surge comes increasingly onerous risks to children’s personal safety and the use of their data by businesses and organizations. It also means that children are fibbing to companies to gain inappropriate access in virtually every language, from all internet access points across the world. Companies face intense attention from regulators, who are finally signaling greater scrutiny and more vigorous enforcement. And there are new generations of tech-savvy parents, digital privacy advocates, and industry insiders who are both parents and technology managers, engineers, product developers, and executives, acknowledging the hypocrisy and driving demand for authentic and practical solutions.

The time is now to protect this vulnerable population while minimizing risk and opening doors for brands and operators across the globe.

In less than five minutes, any parent across the globe will be able to enroll their children and authorize PRIVO as their agent to ensure they are not granted access to age-restricted products and services for which the child is below the minimum age. Parents may add their children and minors-associated devices through PRIVO directly and via employers and partners who support sharing the message to accelerate adoption. Serving as the family’s Privacy Concierge, PRIVO will ensure that no publisher, platform, or digital service can allow future access to children simply by proclaiming that it is too hard to verify their ages. PRIVO will provide assurances to parents while working to help children claim their rights and increase digital privacy and safety literacy.

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