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Why Enroll in PRIVO PROTECT Free Services for Families?

As of today, it's easy for a child to lie about their age in order to sign up for a social media account, game, app or other age restricted experience or service online that can put them in harms way. Enrolling in the Minors Protection Registry helps to ensure that your child will receive the protections that are mandated by privacy and safety laws protecting children.
PRIVO will work on behalf of individual families and parents, operating as your authorized agent to protect your children’s privacy and making the internet more age aware™, with a modern version of a "Do Not Call Registry."
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Age Matters
How the Minors Protection Registry will be able to Safeguard Your Child

By associating your child's true age to their connected devices and/or online identifiers, such as email or phone number, PRIVO can  ensure your child only has access to online services for which he/she meets the minimum age requirement.

  • If the information you provided to PRIVO indicates that your child is too young, they will be blocked.

  • If your child DOES meet the minimum age requirement, you will be notified if privacy laws require your consent for any of the services or features offered in a particular app, game or digital experience.

Making Companies Accountable to Parents
Companies are aware that children often provide false data to access popular activities that they hear about from friends and social media. With the help of the Minors Protection Registry, companies will no longer be able to turn a blind eye that puts children at risk by allowing them into digital spaces that are meant only for adults.

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