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PRIVO PROTECT – Three Simple Steps to Protect Your Children


Why Enroll in PRIVO PROTECT Free Services for Families?

PRIVO has a 20-year history of working with companies to ensure they adhere to minors’ privacy regulations.

Now, PRIVO is expanding our services to work on behalf of individual families and parents, operating as your authorized agent to protect your children’s privacy.

In less than five minutes any parent will be able to complete three steps to enroll in PRIVO PROTECT Registry services and activate protection for your children and teens. Parents may change protection specifics at any time or add or remove children and their associated devices.
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PRIVO PROTECT Three Step Sign-Up


First, each parent signs up and provides essential information to verify their identity and preferred methods for PRIVO to provide alerts, notifications, and updates, prior to adding a child.


Second, once the parent has completed the verification process, they will create a password for future logins to the PRIVO PROTECT Family Portal, where they will be able to streamline management of their child’s digital privacy, access and permissions.


Third, each parent will provide essential information regarding the children they are including in the protection registry. This will include the child’s first name and DOB, along with the mobile phone numbers, emails and device id’s for the devices that the child typically uses for online activities. Parents can update this information at any time.

How PRIVO PROTECT will be able to Safeguard Your Child

Just by completing these three simple steps, PRIVO will have sufficient information to signal companies that if your child uses his device to attempt access to an age-restricted website or app, they may not allow access unless the age that YOU have provided meets the minimum age requirement.
  • If the information you provided to PRIVO indicates that your child is too young, they will be blocked.
  • If your child DOES meet the minimum age requirement, the PRIVO service will ensure that you are automatically notified if privacy laws require your consent for any of the services or features offered in a particular app or game.
Enrolling in the PRIVO PROTECT service helps to ensure that your child will receive the protections that are mandated by minors’ privacy laws.

PRIVO PROTECT Makes Companies Accountable to Parents
Beyond the baseline, parents may take advantage of other free services, including the option to authorize PRIVO to request their children be blocked from specific age-restricted services for which PRIVO is aware that children regularly gain risky and unauthorized access by simply lying about their ages.

Parents may authorize PRIVO to block children from sites on a PRIVO provided blocking list and may also recommend properties for PRIVO to add.

The PRIVO PROTECT service will put companies on notice that data provided by PARENTS should be the final word used to make real-time decisions to allow or deny a child’s access to their activities. Companies are aware that children often provide false data to access popular activities that they hear about from friends and social media. With the help of PRIVO PROTECT, companies will no longer be able to turn a blind eye that puts children at risk by allowing them into digital spaces that are meant only for adults.

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PRIVO PROTECT services also include:

  • PRIVO PROTECT Tech Safety Directory
  • PRIVO PROTECT Family Protection Dashboard – where you may manage your child’s data and permissions, and add other children.
  • PRIVO Discovery Platform where you may find PRIVO certified age-appropriate activities and permission your child’s access to those services

We are considering other new services to be added throughout the next year. We look forward to keeping you informed of our progress on behalf of protecting your child