About Us

20 Years Strong and Introducing Exciting New Services!

PRIVO PROTECT is owned and operated by Privacy Vaults Online, Inc. d/b/a PRIVO (“PRIVO”). As a family founded and women owned company, PRIVO, over the past twenty years, has become the leading global industry expert in minors’ online privacy, identity and consent management.

We are excited to introduce PRIVO PROTECT, a new, comprehensive set of services to help directly protect minors’ digital identities and build responsible digital engagement for minors and their families. While we are launching with a pilot program, more free services will be added during the next few months, to help families protect their children with state-of-the-art tools and support, along with educational resources to help kids build healthy digital habits and skills
One of the most exciting services we are debuting is our patented Minors Protection Registry service, which empowers parents to protect their children online in easy, free, and unprecedented ways. Parents may register for the free Minors Protection Registry service by simply creating a PRIVO iD and authorizing PRIVO to notify select online service providers, digital products, and advertisers that a device and online identifier belong to a minor regardless of information that may be provided by the minor when attempting to access digital services. With PRIVO PROTECT as a powerful partner, the registry teams with parents to put online services on notice that a child is attempting to access it, which will require age-restricted services to block the child and will ensure that appropriate privacy protections are applied by those allowed to engage with children.

In addition, we have curated a Tech Safety Directory, a one stop shop of resources, guides, and tools for parents and families that will be updated regularly.
Our Commitment

We now live in a world with an estimated 25 billion connected devices worldwide. Many of those in the hands of children. Children are at risk and that risk is growing. They are digital natives, not digital experts. It is our job as corporations, governments, schools, and parents to do everything possible to protect and guide them.

Award-Winning Privacy Tech & Compliance Services


Age Verification and Parental Consent Vendor
Mar 2024

Market Guide for Consent and Preference Management
Oct 2022, Dec 2020 and Feb 2019


Stellastra's Summer 2023 award for the Best Age Verification company.
July 2023


Featured in the Customer Identity & Access Management Leadership Compass
Sept 2022 and Jun 2017


Featured in Applied Case Studies for Designing Trustworthy Digital Experiences for Children 


Best Children's Online Safety Solutions Provider 2020
Corporate Vision Magazine, 2020


2020 Best Family-Focused Identity Management Solution:
New World Report 2020 Awards


20 Most Promising Identity Governance and Administration Solution Providers
CIO Review, 2018


Proven Track Record
PRIVO has a 20-year history of working with large brands and companies to proactively protect children's privacy online. PRIVO works with more than 1000 digital services: platforms, networks, brands, websites, games and apps to ensure that they appropriately engage with or block minors and their data.
Expert Team
Recognized leaders and authorities in online identity, child privacy, children’s media, digital marketing and technology. FTC authorized COPPA Safe Harbor since 2004.
Patented Minors’ Device Registry.
Alerts digital providers that your child’s device is associated to a minor and may not be granted access to age-restricted or parent-specified services.
Safety Tech Directory for Families
Neutral, third-party directory of technology safety providers and online services to address diverse, digital family needs and interests.

Privacy & Safety Concierge “Agent” Service.
Authorize PRIVO to notify specific apps, sites, and platforms that they must remove your child’s account and delete their data. PRIVO administers end-to-end and provides confirmation when deletion is complete. Coming in 2022.